Hello! My name is Alysha O’Kelley and I’m writing to you from Anchorage, Alaska.  If you would have told me I would still be living in my home town at the age of 28 I would thought you were crazy!  But as much as I love to travel, my heart is always drawing me home to this beautiful state.

I am a total health nut, I love yoga, hiking, reading, and photography.  My husband Larry and I met back in 2010 and instantly fell for each other because, crazy enough, we were wearing the same shoes (blue Vans, in case you were wondering). We married in 2015 and over the years have brought into our lives two rescue pups named Gus and Jed, a 1969 yellow bug named Sunny, and an ever growing shoe collection.


I recently began working in the cannabis industry, and it has become a true passion of mine, hence the subject of this blog- Cannabis and Wellness.

I really want to be part of the movement that changes the perception of cannabis. I’m passionate about being healthy and I truly believe that for many individuals cannabis can be used as a medicine. My future goals in this industry are to provide needed services for businesses of cannabis including media relations, branding, social media management, and promoting the medicinal uses of this plant.

Whether or not the readers of this blog consume cannabis, there is SO much for individuals to learn and I believe anyone can take away valuable information.

I am so beyond excited to be getting my Strategic Communication Masters Degree through Washington State University. Please, take a look at my portfolio and let me know what you think and if you have any questions!